Joyce L. Campbell - Dare To Say No

For anyone caring to know what a friend or family member with a mental illness endures, Shattered – The Podcast is a must. Mark Brosnan, the host, was the victim of a knife-wielding attacker some years ago. He was diagnosed with CPTSD (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). With this experience and the ensuing years of recovery, Mark desires not only to raise awareness of mental illness but to provide an understanding of what it is like to live as an individual that suffers from mental illness. I highly recommend Shattered – The Podcast. Mark’s book (Shattered) is available on Amazon – don’t miss it!

Honored to be interviewed on Shattered – The Podcast, you will find the interview available. – CLICK HERE

My education and career have been designed for you. I have aspired to be an instrument of healing for others from childhood. The desire to help others led to the completion of a master’s degree in counseling. As well as, the granting of National Board Certification, Licensed Professional Counselor, and Psychotherapist credentials. This website has been created for you. Twenty-five years of private practice as a clinician have benefited numerous clients. The work that I do affects the body, soul, and spirit positively. The interconnection of the body, soul, and spirit demands attention for complete healing. My expertise in dealing with what I call chronic subjugation and the doormat syndrome generates the ability to break free from continuous people-pleasing. It is stunning how common this negative behavior is. We are all somewhere on the spectrum of subjugation, compliance. You may chronically subjugate in only one area of your life or to one person exclusively. That behavior is equally destructive. If you chronically, habitually give in to others’ preferences and opinions you are slowly losing who you are. I, myself, was once a victim of chronic subjugation. This need not be. One can even continuously give up and give in to a loss, tragedy, or health problem. When this choice is made we stay stuck in life, we stop living and only exist. This behavior is not limited to one gender, income level, nationality, educational level, or worldview. Thousands of others have achieved success in conquering this debilitating issue. You can too. You need not allow chronic subjugation to control and shape your life. I am on a mission to expose this phenomenon and provide a way to eliminate its’ ability to destroy lives. Emerging from research, observation, and my own experience, systematic and deliberate steps have been devised to overcome this harmful behavior. Yet it is key to accept that this work is not an event but a process. A process that does require effort and commitment to overcome this dysfunctional lifestyle. Visit my “Blog” and “Quotes of Note” to be encouraged and inspired.