“I work with Joyce and am so grateful to be a recipient of her wisdom and can’t imagine where I would be without her counsel. She has changed the trajectory of my life and future generations of my family, through my two daughters. Without her inspiration, hope for change, and ability to look at situations differently, I would be stuck in old patterns which would have negatively affected my parenting, my personal and professional life. She has invested in me so deeply---Joyce is one of THE most influential people in my life.”
Shannon M. O'Phelan
“Joyce Campbell has been invaluable to me in helping me deal with circumstance in my life that seem, to me, to be out-of-control. I often feel like i don't have control of the events in my life. I have to help others at my own expense, no matter what it costs me. I also allow others to have control over me and what I should be doing because it is easier to "give-in rather than to stand up for myself, I have learned alot from Joycethis is called subjugation. Subjugation can be a learned behavior and is difficult to overcome. With the counseling that Joyce provides I have come along way. I am better able to stand up for myself and , maybe more importantly, to say no. I know I don't have to justify why I say no to others. It is still hard not to. It is getting easier. Joyce gives me the space to be me, to think things through on my own. She provides support, valuable insight, and education why. She Provides options on how to improve myself and not feel guilty in the process. I would recommend Joyce to anyone seeking to better themselves.”
Dee Warner
“Joyce Campbell taught me the most life-changing lesson I’ve ever learned in therapy: “Feelings aren’t facts.” Thanks to Joyce, I have learned to overcome crippling fear and move forward in bold faith. Without Joyce, I would not have married the love of my life. I might not have graduated from college. I certainly would have stayed stuck beneath the weight of perfectionism. Because of her compassionate counsel, I now have the tools I need to tell my anxiety, “No.” I am forever grateful for Joyce."
Maria Chavez
Writer and Radio Producer for Crawford Media Group.