Joyce L . Campbell - Dare To Say No

Dare To Say No

Yes, Dare To Say No is now available on Amazon, at Barnes & Noble, and at various venues globally.

Subjugation, also known as compliance and/or people-pleasing is a dysfunctional way of thinking and behaving that can seriously impair a life. If this dysfunction is not overcome, the individual’s success in life will be drastically diminished.

Origins of subjugation, including abuse, are investigated. Individual temperaments, and how they are affected by subjugation are examined. Anger, anxiety, and self-loathing are generated by the stress of saying yes when we really want to say no. Not only are these issues covered but also the effect of subjugation on the brain. Cutting-edge material on the brain is examined and how the default to subjugation can be eliminated. This knowledge and so much more are imparted in this comprehensive view of subjugation. Reinvent your life – it IS possible!