“Joyce Campbell makes a strong case for creating a more fulfilling and satisfying life by developing the capacity to be assertive when the situation calls for it rather than remaining silent and suffering needlessly. She provides an insightful and useful examination of how people’s lives are diminished when they do not express themselves at key moments in life. And, she provides specific, tangible steps people can take to become more comfortably assertive.”
David Gonzalez, Ph.D.
Psychologist and Professor Emeritus, University of Northern Colorado; Co-author of Helping Relationships: Basic Concepts for the Helping Professions; Co-author of Counseling & Psychotherapy: Matters of Skill.
“Joyce Campbell has eloquently and logically pointed out that “yes” can become a self-destructive default behavior built on a seemingly noble foundation of pleasing those around us. The short-term reward of approval for our “yes” tendency, almost like an addictive substance, mortars the blocks and bars of a self-made prison of perpetual frustration and even resentment towards those we love or need. Employing excellent scientific support, years of clinical experience, carefully chosen quotes, and real-life scenarios, Joyce shows how we built that prison, and how to systematically and sustainably break free. If you’ve more than just rarely felt a little uneasy agreeing to something, and are willing to do the homework, Dare to Say No will change your life.”
Daniel Berk, M.D.
"The book, Dare To Say No by Joyce Campbell, can teach you about breaking the chains of subjugating relationships and how your temperament guides your response to others, whether it be in the workplace or in your personal relationships. When you apply this insightful knowledge and take the healthy steps outlined in this book, you become empowered to use your own voice. Even if you were familiar with some of these concepts before you can find a deeper discovery of how to find freedom in your relationships and to flourish into who you were meant to be."
Susanne Boykin, M.A., CCC-SLP
“Many of us struggle with saying no, especially to people close to us, to those we love and care about. We want to say yes to them as much as we can. But what happens when saying yes becomes expected or even demanded? What happens when we subjugate our will and desires so much to others that we begin to lose ourselves? In Joyce Campbell’s new book, Dare To Say No, she helps us see how chronic subjugation to others hurts us. More importantly, she shows us the way out of this destructive pattern of thinking and behavior. She shows us how we can find freedom and new life. If you have become captive to yes or you know someone who has, you need this book. Help is now available! Read, learn, apply, and be liberated."
William D. Watkins
Award-winning author, speaker, teacher, and editor; founder and president of Literary Solutions.